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Enquiry and Communication in Citizenship: Ethical Discussions

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Age Range: KS4

Designed to stimulate thought and discussion around important ethical issues, worksheets help students to explore personal morality. (Updated from: Right or Wrong)

Topics include: Sexual ethics including abortion; Animal rights and environmental issues; Perennial 'teenage' issues such as two-timing; Crimes young people get involved in; Issues around life and death.


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Size: 64 Pages
ISBN: 978 1 873562 72 7
Code: ECED
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Contents List


  • 1 MORALS RULE OK! Students consider the relevance of Christian teaching today.
  • 3 LAWS: WHY BOTHER? Sudents consider whether laws are important to society, and why.
  • 5 FORGIVE AND FORGET Students consider whether those who have committed crimes which affect victims indefinitely should ever be forgiven.
  • 7 EYE FOR AN EYE Students discuss whether violence is ever an acceptable response to a threat to property, self or loved ones.
  • 9 YOUR RIGHTS Students debate about the rights of adolescents, and match rights to responsibilities.
  • 11 PASS IT ON Students consider the type of effects that spreading untrue rumours has on others.
  • 13 COVER UP Students consider the morality and wisdom of lying for friends.
  • 15 TRUTH TEST Students consider the dilemma about the value of telling the truth in all situations.
  • 17 CHEATING Students consider their attitudes towards cheating, and compare cheating to theft.
  • 19 MORAL DILEMMA Students are given a moral dilemma and asked to choose one course of action.
  • 21 BREAKING BAD NEWS Students consider some tensions that can arise between the demands of duty and friendship.
  • 23 TUG OF LOVE Students consider some of the conflicts of loyalty that children of divorced parents may feel.
  • 25 JEALOUSY Students are encouraged to honestly explore feelings of jealousy they may have towards others.
  • 27 TWO TIMING Students explore their views about dating more than one partner at a time.
  • 29 SEX MATTERS Students explore the emotional, moral and practical implications of having sex.
  • 31 SINGLE PARENT Students consider the ethical and practical arguments for and against bringing up children outside stable relationships.
  • 33 VIOLENCE AT HOME Students consider possible reasons why parents physically abuse children.
  • 35 ANIMAL RIGHTS Students consider the extent to which animals have rights, and the morality of animal testing for cosmetic and medical purposes.
  • 37 IS MEAT MURDER? Students consider the ethical and practical arguments for and against vegetarianism.
  • 39 FUR IN FASHION Students consider the argument that wearing fur for fashion purposes is immoral.
  • 41 GENETIC EXPERIMENTS Students consider the moral issues surrounding genetic engineering.
  • 43 CAR CRIME Students explore reasons why young people steal cars, and look at the possible dangers to other drivers and pedestrians.
  • 45 VANDALISM Students explore the causes of vandalism and the consequences to individuals and society.
  • 47 GETTING AWAY WITH IT Students consider both the morality and the possible consequences of fare dodging.
  • 49 THEFT: YOUR VIEWS Students look at the definition of theft and consider whether all instances of theft are morally comparable.
  • 51 RIGHT TO DIE Students explore the topic of euthanasia
  • 53 ABORTION Students explore some of the issues surrounding abortion.
  • 55 DEATH PENALTY Students consider the contrasts between British ideas about capital punishment and those of some Islamic countries, and whether the death penalty should be brought back.



Teacher Testing Report

There are many areas that could utilise the worksheets in this pack; PHSE, Home Economics, Child Developments, Tutorial work and English.
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Teacher Testing Report

I like the range of issues which are included. The topics seem to cover some of the "nitty gritty" areas that some teachers are uncomfortable handling: violence and abortion.
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Teacher Testing Report

Such material is often difficult to find as it is often produced by "interested parties", e.g. churches on abortion, etc.
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