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Religious Figures for KS3 RE

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Age Range: KS3

Written to be used alongside the QCA RE Schemes of Work Unit 7c, worksheets examine the lives of five significant religious figures: Buddha, Guru Nanak, Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Malcolm X. Students absorb relevant factual information and are encouraged to explore their own understanding of the experiences of each of the five characters.

The early life of Siddattha Gotama; Siddatthas enlightenment and teaching; The Dhamma - the truth; The Sangha; Buddha dies; Guru Nanaks life-changing experience; The teachings of Guru Nanak, Significant events in Guru Nanaks life; The childhood of Gandhi; The significance of Gandhis life and teachings; Martin Luther Kings influences; The teachings of MLK; MLKs beliefs; Highlights and lowlights of Malcolm Xs life; Malcolm X: teaching and events; The end of Malcolm X.

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Size: 74 Pages
ISBN: 978 1 86025 384 3
Author(s): Suzanne Finlay
Code: RFKR
Popularity rank: 184
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Contents List


  • 10 THE EARLY LIFE OF THE BUDDHA Students learn about the early life of Siddattha Gotama and gain an insight into suffering and its causes.
  • 12 ENLIGHTENMENT Looking at Siddattha's enlightenment and its impact on himself and on his followers.
  • 14 THE DHAMMA - THE TRUTH Students consider the meaning of 'happiness' and they gain an overview of the teachings of the Buddha, including the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path.
  • 16 THE SANGHA Looking at the Sangha and the guidelines by which Buddhists lead their lives.
  • 18 THE BUDDHA DIES The significance of events that led up to the Buddha's death.


  • 24 GURU NANAK'S ENCOUNTER WITH GOD Considering Guru Nanak's life-changing experience that led to the development of the Sikh religion.
  • 26 GURU NANAK'S TEACHINGS Looking at the main teachings of Guru Nanak, covering simran, kirt karo and wand chhako - and how these teachings affect the life of Sikhs today.
  • 28 THE MOOL MANTRA Students consider the mool mantra, its importance to Sikhs in their understanding of God. Students also consider their own understanding of what God means.
  • 30 GURU NANAK DIES Looking at the end of Guru Nanak's life. Students learn that when Guru Nanak named the next guru, it became a tradition that continued.
  • 32 SIGNIFICANT EVENTS An opportunity for students to evaluate Guru Nanak's life and the significant events within it.


  • 38 GANDHI'S CHILDHOOD Students learn about Gandhi's childhood and are shown a very normal, human side as he struggles with temptations and explores his understanding of truth.
  • 40 GANDHI TRAVELS FIRST CLASS Considering an experience of racial discrimination that changed the course of Gandhi's life.
  • 42 PEACEFUL PROTEST Students learn about peaceful protest and Gandhi's teachings on the subject. They learn about the impact this had on the lives of people in South Africa and India - and how this in turn influenced others.
  • 44 GANDHI'S DEATH Looking at the impact of Gandhi's death, but also the impact of his life.
  • 46 GANDHI'S RELEVANCE TODAY Students consider the significance of Gandhi's life and his relevance in today's society.


  • 52 INFLUENCES ON MARTIN LUTHER KING Students learn about the Christian influences on Martin Luther King, but also that he was influenced by Gandhi who was a Hindu.
  • 54 A SIGNIFICANT TIME Looking at peaceful protest and its power. Students learn about the 'bus strike' by the black people of Montgomery, that (ultimately) led to segregation laws being changed.
  • 56 THE TEACHINGS OF MARTIN LUTHER KING Considering how conflicts can be resolved through non-violence.
  • 58 THE DEATH OF MARTIN LUTHER KING Students learn about the death of Martin Luther King and think about the reality of death and their attitudes towards it.
  • 60 MARTIN LUTHER KING: HIS BELIEFS Students consider Martin Luther King's life and influence, while exploring their own beliefs.


  • 66 WHAT'S IN A NAME? Students learn about Malcolm X as a radical leader in America who underwent significant changes in his lifestyle and beliefs.
  • 68 MALCOLM X: HIGH AND LOW POINTS Students learn of the events that shaped Malcolm X's life and look at how someone's life and beliefs can undergo radical changes.
  • 70 MALCOLM X: ON RACISM AND CIVIL RIGHTS Considering racism and everyone's entitlement to civil rights. Students learn about Malcolm X's influence on the shaping of US policies on these issues.
  • 72 THE DEATH OF MALCOLM X Students will learn how Malcolm X died and think about his fight for civil rights and the impact of his death on the American black movement.
  • 74 SO WHAT ABOUT MALCOLM X? Students consider Malcolm X's life and influence, including the struggles and changes he went through - and understand why he was an important leader. They make a comparison with the life and beliefs of Martin Luther King.


  • 80 APPENDIX 1 The Buddha. Historic details and glossary of terms.
  • 81 APPENDIX 2 Guru Nanak. Historic details and glossary of terms.
  • 82 APPENDIX 3 Mahatma Gandhi. Historic details.
  • 83 APPENDIX 4 Martin Luther King. Historic details and glossary of terms.
  • 84 APPENDIX 5 Malcolm X. Historic details and glossary of terms.
  • 85 APPENDIX 6 Assessment questions and useful websites.



the resource was very good and gave excellent descriptive writing
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Name and school withheld.

Very good worksheets relevant to the modules being studied. However, some can be difficult to access for pupils with literacy difficulties.
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