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RE Short Course ... Acting With Justice

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Age Range: KS4

Covers those areas within Religious Studies and Religious Education that deal with the individual and life in the community. The first six worksheets deal with general concepts and are followed by three ten-worksheet sections focusing in turn on Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

The pack is designed for use in Key Stage 4 Religious Education classes. It has been specifically designed for those students who will achieve E, F or G at GCSE level, or are working towards Certificate of Achievement. Because the pack is photocopiable, you can use it flexibly, with individual students, small or large groups, or across a whole year set.

Topics include: Nature of development; Ethics in the workplace; Ethical investment; Sunday working.

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Size: 85 Pages
ISBN: 978 1 86025 236 5
Author(s): Carole Knill
Code: RSCA
Popularity rank: 424

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Contents List


General concepts:

  • 11 BEING POOR Students explore the nature and causes of poverty, using pictures to help them.
  • 13 FIRST, SECOND OR THIRD? Students design a poster showing differences in health, wealth and opportunities in the First and Third Worlds.
  • 15 ALL DAY LONG Students debate the Sunday trading law and its consequences.
  • 17 RIGHT AND WRONG Students design a board game based on right and wrong actions.
  • 19 HELPING OTHERS Students consider charities - who they support, how they raise money - and produce an action plan for a charity of their choice.
  • 21 MATERIAL WORLD Students undertake a sorting exercise to reflect on the difference between essential and desirable possessions.


  • 27 DAY OF REST? Students complete lists showing what the Sabbath means in practice for Christians.
  • 29 CHRISTIAN AID Students produce a television script, exploring the work of one particular Christian charity.
  • 31 A SAINT FOR OUR TIMES Students write newspaper reports on the life, work and death of Oscar Romero.
  • 33 LOVE INTO ACTION Students consider the reasons why Christians choose to work for charity, then they design an advertising campaign reflecting those reasons.
  • 35 GOOD INVESTMENTS Students produce business advertisements which show a consideration of ethical business investment from a Christian viewpoint.
  • 37 A WORKING LIFE Students complete a chart to explore the Protestant Work Ethic and its impact on life today.
  • 39 RESISTING INJUSTICE Students design a stained-glass window to commemorate the life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a Christian who took a stand against injustice.
  • 41 SLOGANS TO THINK ABOUT Students consider the messages of slogans used by Christian charity groups, then they illustrate one appropriately.
  • 43 SELL ALL YOU HAVE Students write comments for a television debate on the Church's wealth - and how it could or should be used.
  • 45 HEAVEN ON EARTH Students write letters based on the Iona community and the meaning of its daily prayer.


  • 51 SHABBAT Students use roleplay to explore activities which Jews would not carry out during the Shabbat.
  • 53 KING OF THE CHILDREN Students write magazine articles on the work of Janusz Korczak and his orphanage.
  • 55 JUSTICE, TRUTH AND PEACE Students write a story based on the Jewish concept of mercy and justice.
  • 57 NEITHER SILVER, NOR GOLD Students plan how one couple could use their money wisely, according to Jewish attitudes and beliefs regarding wealth.
  • 59 BY OUR FAITH WE STAND Students design leaflets based on the story of Antiochus Epiphanes and its relevance to the Jewish attitude to the Sabbath.
  • 61 DIGNITY AND SELF-RESPECT Students design leaflets explaining the Jewish custom of Tzedakah.
  • 63 IN THE SWEAT OF YOUR FACE Students design a mural depicting Jewish attitudes to work.
  • 65 THE 39 MELACHOT Students list the 39 Melachot and consider their implications.
  • 67 INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS Students write leaflets about Jewish employment practices.
  • 69 SEEK GOOD - NOT EVIL Students look at the idea of justice in society as propounded by the Old Testament Prophet, Amos - and then write a speech showing what Amos might say today.


  • 75 THE FESTIVAL OF CHARITY Students look at the charitable aspect of Eid ul Fitr, then design leaflets reflecting this aspect.
  • 77 A SPIRITUAL ACT Students write conversations exploring Zakah and its spiritual implications.
  • 79 BY HALAL MEANS Students write text to go with pictures, explaining why some jobs would not be considered acceptable to Muslims.
  • 81 A LIVING LEGEND? Students write magazine articles about Imran Khan, showing how his Muslim beliefs have influenced his life.
  • 83 WORKING AS A BELIEVER Students write a television interview exploring some of the reasons a Muslim might choose to work for a Muslim charity.
  • 85 THE UNIVERSAL FAMILY Students design posters that show an understanding of the Muslim concept of the universal family.
  • 87 THE RESPONSIBLE INDIVIDUAL Students create a collage about the Muslim concept of an individual's responsibility to the community.
  • 89 SMALL ACTS OF CHARITY Students explore the concept of Sadaqah by considering how Muslims would respond to one family in need.
  • 91 WITH HONESTY AND EFFICIENCY Students develop a five-point charter showing Muslim work practices.
  • 93 A MEANS OF EXPLOITATION Students annotate comments that explore Muslim beliefs about charging interest.



Graham Pickaver at Association of Christian Teachers

Highly recommended.
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