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Improving the Behaviour of Students in Internal Isolation

Price: £45.00
Age Range: KS3

Introduce your students to the principle of cause and effect, in relation to unacceptable behaviour, using real-life case studies which relate directly to their particular disciplinary situation. 'Learning by example' is used as a powerful tool to develop analysis and reasoning skills. Students are encouraged to identify strategies for modifying their own behaviour.

Topics include: Non-attendance; Lateness; Rudeness; Inappropriate body language; Offensive language; Accountability; Smoking; Drinking; Stealing; Bullying; Keeping 'bad' company.

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Size: 63 Pages
ISBN: 978 1 86025 521 2
Author(s): Kathleen McGregor and Paul Grabbitus
Code: ITBO
Popularity rank: 114
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Contents List


  • 7 IMPOSSIBLE IAN Constant disruption from a student.
  • 9 GUS AND THE GUN Bringing weapons into school.
  • 11 STEVEN PLAYS WITH FIRE Dangerous behaviour involving fire.
  • 13 TOM THROWS A CHAIR Dangerous behaviour - throwing things.
  • 15 CHRIS SMASHES A WINDOW Damaging property - and the consequences.
  • 17 NICKY PUSHES PEOPLE ABOUT Physical bullying.
  • 19 FIONA THINKS IT'S FUNNY Disturbing other classes.
  • 21 LAUREL WON'T PICK IT UP Refusal to do as asked.
  • 23 COLIN STEALS A student involved in theft.
  • 25 EMMA BUNKS OFF The consequences of a student going off site without permission.
  • 27 DEE AVOIDS HER MATHS LESSON The effects of lesson avoidance.
  • 29 RICHARD SWEARS The effects of using foul language.
  • 31 ALAN UPSETS HIS TEACHERS The effects certain behaviour can have on teachers.
  • 33 MICHAEL INSULTS THE DINNER LADY Stressing the need to treat all staff with respect.
  • 35 KATH NEEDS A GOOD FRIEND When a student goes to any lengths to please others, to gain their favour.
  • 37 STEPH DOESN'T NEED HELP When a student refuses to accept support.
  • 39 JANET SAYS 'LEAVE ME ALONE!' Issues of body language.
  • 41 GRAEME CAN'T UNDERSTAND Problems of self image.
  • 43 'IT'S NOT MY FAULT,' SAYS PETER Inability to accept responsibility.
  • 45 DAVID HAS A DRINK Dangers of alcohol and drugs.
  • 47 JOE IS A BAD INFLUENCE Influencing others' behaviour.
  • 49 PAUL REFUSES TO GO TO SCHOOL A student's refusal to attend school.
  • 51 COLIN NEEDS HELP Showing that there are people who can help.
  • 53 MARION CRIES FOR HELP Showing that there are more appropriate responses to problems than threatening to self-harm.
  • 55 LESLEY NEEDS PSYCHOLOGICAL HELP Encouraging students to accept psychological help when needed.
  • 57 STEVE WON'T APOLOGISE Writing a genuine letter of apology.
  • 59 JOHN'S APOLOGY Offering apologies more effectively.
  • 61 CHRISTINE NEEDS A REFERENCE Showing that it's never too late to make progress.


  • 62 (1) IAN'S STORY For use with page 7, IMPOSSIBLE IAN.
  • 63 (2) I'VE DONE IT AGAIN! Poem, which could be used with any page, but especially with pages 39, 49, 51 and 53.
  • 64 (3) LETTER OF APOLOGY Template for use with page 57, STEVE WON'T APOLOGISE.
  • 65 (4) LETTER TEMPLATE Blank template for use with page 57, STEVE WON'T APOLOGISE.
  • 66 (5) FEELINGS AND EMOTIONS For use with page 39, JANET SAYS 'LEAVE ME ALONE!'
  • 67 (6) ASSESSMENT SHEET For use with all pages.



Name and school withheld.

Great resource :-)
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Name and school withheld.

This has been very helpful, a great resource :-)
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worked will with individual students who struggle with rules and reason
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