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Extension Activities in RE for More Able Students

Price: £25.00
Age Range: KS3 KS4

How do you stretch gifted & talented students within the context of your existing curriculum? These 28 extension activities can be adapted most KS3 or KS4 curricula, and can be used as in-class activities or as homeworks.

The pack is divided into four sections, covering

  • Rites of Passage
  • Pilgrimages
  • Worship
  • Holy Books

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Size: 60 Pages
ISBN: 978 1 86025 255 6
Author(s): Ken Ruff
Code: EARM
Popularity rank: 363

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Contents List


Rites of passage

  • 7 WHERE AM I GOING? (KS3) Students think about the future and the various stages in life.
  • 9 CHILD TO ADULT (KS3) Considers initiation ceremonies and rituals.
  • 11 I BAPTISE THEE (KS3) Compares beliefs and practices in the Christian tradition.
  • 13 AGE AND RESPONSIBILITY (KS3) Looking at the Bar Mitzvah, students reflect upon adulthood and responsibility.
  • 15 IT'S ALL ARRANGED (KS4) Presents issues around arranged marriages.
  • 17 I THEE WED... (KS3/4) Students identify similarities and differences between Islamic and Christian marriages.
  • 19 THE END OR THE BEGINNING? (KS3/4) Examines different attitudes and approaches to Christian funeral services.


  • 21 LIFE PILGRIMAGES (KS3/4) Students try to understand the reasons people make pilgrimages.
  • 23 CANTERBURY TALES (KS3/4) Presents the significance of Canterbury for Anglicans.
  • 25 A JOURNEY TO LOURDES (KS3/4) Considers the importance of special journeys.
  • 27 A VISIT TO THE GOLDEN TEMPLE (KS3/4) Shows why Amritsar is a holy place of pilgrimage for Sikhs.
  • 29 A VISIT TO BENARES (KS3/4) Explains why the Ganges is sacred to the Hindus.
  • 31 THE HAJJ (KS3/4) Reinforces work already done on this topic, and gives students the opportunity to reflect upon and explain their feelings about it.
  • 33 PILGRIMAGE TO JERUSALEM (KS3/4) Examines the relevance and significance of the Jewish pilgrimage.


  • 35 LET'S CELEBRATE! (KS3) Explores the need to mark and prepare for special occasions.
  • 37 PLACES OF WORSHIP (KS3/4) Students think about the importance of places of worship for believers.
  • 39 HOME IS HOLY (KS3/4) Shows students the importance of both the home and the synagogue in Jewish tradition.
  • 41 CHRISTIAN WORSHIP (KS3/4) Students think about the nature of Christian worship.
  • 43 CHURCHES (KS3) Looks at holy buildings and what goes on in a church.
  • 45 WORSHIP AT THE MOSQUE (KS3/4) Students use information provided to design a new mosque.
  • 47 WORSHIP AT THE GURDWARA (KS3/4) Students learn how Sikhs worship.

Holy books

  • 49 TEACHINGS OF THE KORAN (KS4) Sketches some of the tenets of Islam and considers the many names for Allah.
  • 51 READING THE KORAN (KS3/4) Shows how reverence is given to the Muslim holy book.
  • 53 A WRITTEN RECORD (KS4) Considers the history and authenticity of the Gospels.
  • 55 I'D WALK A MILLION MILES (KS3/4) Demonstrates the enormous impact a holy book can have on someone's life.
  • 57 SAYINGS FROM THE BOOK (KS4) Reflections on holy passages from the Bible.
  • 59 STORIES FROM THE BOOK (KS3/4) Shows how Bible stories play a significant part in worship and festivals.
  • 61 RESPECT (KS3) Students compare the respect shown to some holy books with the way Christians approach the Bible.



Graham Pickaver at Association of Christian Teachers

Highly recommended.
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Graham Pickaver at Association of Christian Teachers

.. the lesson activities are sufficiently open ended to provide either extension activities or even homework tasks.
Was this review helpful to you?