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History KS3: Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Issues

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Age Range: KS3

Encourage your students to identify with people and situations through thought-provoking and challenging issues powerfully presented in an historical context. Introduce them to spiritual, moral, social and cultural diversity and trends using activities which broaden their knowledge and enhance their understanding.

Lesson plans include: Roman Empire; The Aztecs; Feudalism; Religious life in Medieval England; Castles, Peasants' Revolt; Crusades; Tudors; Stuarts; Plains Indians; Coal Mining; Factory work; Education; Imperialism; World Wars; 19th Century society; Black Britain.

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Size: 67 Pages
ISBN: 978 1 86025 395 9
Author(s): Daniel Kilkenny
Code: HKSM
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Contents List


  • 6 FATHER'S WORD IS LAW Students examine the different ways that families work - particularly the role of the father and how it has changed.
  • 8 REVOLTING PEASANTS Through looking at the peasants' protest march to London in 1381, students gain an understanding of how poor people in society have been treated and how they tried to fight back.
  • 10 ORDER IN SOCIETY Through examining the feudal system, students will gain an understanding of why it is important to have order in society.
  • 12 MEDIEVAL JUSTICE By looking at justice in medieval times, students can weigh it up against the systems of justice today.
  • 14 HOLY WAR? Students examine why people joined the Christian armies of Europe to fight the infidel.
  • 16 A DIFFERENT WORLD? Students consider the differences between the Christian world and the Arab/Muslim world.
  • 18 CASTLE, SWEET CASTLE Students look at the role castles have played in history.
  • 20 A NUN'S LIFE Students learn how important religion was in medieval times, with particular reference to the lives of nuns.
  • 22 SAVAGE SPORTS Students look at the sports and entertainments that were popular in medieval society.
  • 24 PEOPLE ON PILGRIMAGE Students consider why people went on pilgrimage and what they endured on the pilgrimage.
  • 26 AN ELIZABETHAN EDUCATION? Students look at what it was like to go to an Elizabethan school and consider any differences from and similarities to school today.
  • 28 CROMWELLIAN ENGLAND Students consider what life was like under the rule of Oliver Cromwell.
  • 30 LONDON: A NICE PLACE TO LIVE? Students investigate what it was like to live in a big city in the 17th century.
  • 32 A CULTURE CLASH? Students learn about how settlers from Europe reacted to their first encounters with North American Indians and consider how people can react to the unknown.
  • 34 THE BUFFALO Students learn about the importance of the buffalo to the Native American Indian.
  • 36 IMPERIALISM AND INDIA Students consider how the British Empire treated the people who lived in one of its colonies - India.
  • 38 A SLAVE'S LIFE Students will gain an understanding of what the life of a slave was like.
  • 40 CRUEL, CRAMPED COAL MINING Students investigate what conditions were like for children working in coal mines.
  • 42 A CHANGING ROLE? Students find out what 19th century attitudes were towards women and gain an understanding of how women were treated.
  • 44 OH WHAT A LOVELY WAR? Students gain some insight into what conditions were like for soldiers fighting in World War I.
  • 46 WILD, WILD WOMEN? Students learn what life was like for women in American cities in the 1920s.
  • 48 A CIVILIAN WAR? Students consider how civilians can be affected by war.
  • 50 HITLER'S GERMANY Students think about what it was like to live in Hitler's Germany.
  • 52 PERSECUTION Students consider the persecution of Jews during World War 2.
  • 54 THE REALITY OF RATIONING Students learn how civilians at home were affected by World War 2. In particular, they will consier what rationing was and what it involved.
  • 56 THE AWESOME ATOM BOMB Students learn about the impact of an atomic bomb and to question the role of such weapons.
  • 58 BLACK BRITAIN? Students consider why many black Jamaicans came to this country and gain an understanding of how they were treated.
  • 60 VIOLENCE AND VIETNAM Students examine some of the main events of the war in Vietnam and consider the actions of the US soldiers.


  • 62 (1) THE STORY OF AGNES For use with page 12/13, MEDIEVAL JUSTICE.
  • 63 (2) THE MUSLIM LIFESTYLE For use with page 16/17, A DIFFERENT WORLD.
  • 64 (3) A WOMAN'S WORLD IN THE 1920s For use with page 46/47, WILD, WILD WOMEN?
  • 65 (4) LIFE IN HITLER'S GERMANY For use with page 50/51, HITLER'S GERMANY.
  • 66 (5) AFTER THE BOMB For use with page 56/57, THE AWESOME ATOM BOMB.

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